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At CleveDoesMore, we’re passionate about finding you money you never knew you had. We take a holistic approach, looking at where you are now and where you want to be in order to create a tailor-made plan for your success. We know one size does NOT fit all. Every client is unique, and every solution is customized.

We know you want more from your money. To buy a house. To escape debt. To build wealth with a stronger portfolio. To achieve true financial freedom. We can do it all.

It all begins with creating your custom CleveDoesMore 360º Financial Blueprint™- a comprehensive financial review that helps us develop your UNIQUE step-by-step path to financial success.

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Need more convincing?

We get it. There are so many products out there that you might feel overwhelmed. That’s why we take the risk out of working with CleveDoesMore with our $500 Fix™.

We’re so confident in our ability to help you figure out your finances that if we can’t find you an extra $500 of your own money during the review process, the entire review will be our free gift to you. No risk. HUGE rewards.

Isn’t today the perfect day to transform your finances? Let’s go!

What Our Clients Are Saying


Our Founder

Cleve DeSouza has managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, but he counts his investment in his clients’ goals and dreams as his smartest ventures.

An avid businessman since childhood, Cleve is a Licensed Engineer, Project Manager, Mortgage Agent and an astute Real Estate Entrepreneur with the ability to see the big picture, and plan for the best outcomes. He excels in making those key human connections, and keeping communication honest, transparent and fair. What he really loves is putting his years of expertise and experience to work for YOU, creating sustainable, achievable plans to escape debt, build wealth and achieve financial happiness.

A pillar of calm and comfort, Cleve’s integrity and discipline have led to him earning a reputation as a strategic, reliable, trustworthy wealth builder. Getting started with your own 360º Financial Blueprint™ is the first step.

Don’t Just Buy A Home Or Manage Debt.
Build Wealth While You’re At It.

We see your Big Picture and everything we do is about getting you there faster.

You- YES YOU- can buy your dream home no matter your credit profile. Get started NOW.

You have more money than you think. Let’s prove it- or let’s make it happen with refinancing and other options to free up cash for school, savings, debt and more. Ready? Let’s go!

Don’t just save money- make your money make MORE money. Let CleveDoesMore design stronger portfolios to meet whatever goals you’ve got your eyes on.

How CleveDoesMore Does More


We know- sometimes money can feel like a whole other language. There are rules, regulations and rates that vary for all kinds of reasons… it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

At CleveDoesMore, we do more to make your money management easy to start, easy to follow and easy to understand.

You’re not alone. Whatever your circumstances, we can figure it out together. Talk to us today to get started on your own personal plan- our 360 º Financial Blueprint. Every plan is unique, customized for YOUR personal needs.

We start with a Big Picture overview, a holistic analysis of your current situation and your goals. Then we plan your path to financial success, step by step, milestone by milestone.

You deserve a better financial situation.  Let’s define YOUR personal plan today.

The CleveDoesMore Difference


You’re unique. So are your goals and concerns.

SO there’s no one-size-fits-all here. We analyze where you are and where you want to be, and then build customized, strategic milestones to get you there.

We know that buying a house is never just about buying a house. It’s about building homes, achieving goals, preparing for the next phase.

We know that with the right Financial Blueprint, we can help you maximize your money, streamline cash-flow, avoid common pitfalls and achieve true financial wellness.

Our founder, Cleve DeSouza, isn’t just talk: he’s lived the advice he gives. His winning edge lies not just in his training, but in his success in the field, actively helping clients plan and strategically achieve goal after goal.

“My goal is to give people what they truly want: freedom” says Cleve. “Everybody will say they want money, or they want a mortgage. But what they really want is to live a stress-free life. Money is just a piece of that puzzle- an important piece. But it’s not the whole story.”

A family man with holdings and investments in a number of companies, Cleve prioritizes customer relationships, delivering results with candor, transparency, integrity and speed. “It’s not about getting a loan…it’s about getting the BEST loan; one that works for each customer’s personal 360º Financial Blueprint ™ and the goals they have for their life.”

That’s our promise: no-stress, seamless success.

"Money can’t buy everything.
But debt can’t buy you ANYTHING."


I'M READY TO buy a home



Buying a home can be the door to financial success when managed correctly. We’re not just here to help sell you homes, we’re here to help you unlock your best financial future.


FINDING a home is not the same as BUYING a home: We help get you pre-approved, with insight to help you make smart, financially strategic moves at every step of the way


Buying a home should be the KEY to building your best life. CleveDoesMore does more to research, inform and prepare our clients for true homeownership success. We package and present the best offers from each institution customized for YOU for fast, honest, hassle-free options.

You can get pre-approved in minutes right here.

I’M READY TO boost my cashflow

We know that when you need money, you need it now- stress-free and FAST. CleveDoesMore knows how to optimize your finances to free up more money than you think. Plus we can successfully refinance existing mortgages to help you:

• Pay off debt
• Fund renovations
• Make investments
• Cover Personal Emergencies
• Stop Power of Sales
• Payoff Taxes
• Settle Divorces
• Lower Monthly Payments

We’ve been creatively restructuring mortgages for over 10 years both with residential and commercial type mortgages. We’re solutions-driven and diligent, ensuring that you get your money in hand and on time.

Best of all, you can start the whole process in minutes right here.

I’M READY TO turbocharge my portfolio

You’re serious about wealth building. So are we. Double digit returns on your investments serious. We excel at leveraging real estate investments and other instruments for consistent financial success. Your wealth goals are a click away!


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