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Have you ever watched an episode of “Dragon’s Den” and dreamed about leaving your regular job and branching out into your own enterprise?

Did you know that FEAR is:
False Evidence Appearing Real

While the thought of starting your own business might be daunting, it could also be 100% worth it. What would your life look like if you had a way to work on your own terms, make more money, and have more flexible time in the day?

Becoming the master of your own career & life starts now!

Most people would agree that the truest beginnings of anything are found in the mind.  Before an invention can be produced, it has to be thought of. Before a business can be started, it has to be an idea.  So, for those dedicated to walk the path of entrepreneurship in 2020, here are 3 mindsets to begin developing right now:

Mindset #1

Think Differently

A key mindset that separates entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd is an ability to think differently than others.  Words like “visionary”, “creative”, and “change agent” all have to do with this idea of processing and seeing things outside of the normal thought box.  A good way to develop this way of thinking is by taking time to look carefully at problems and situations, utilizing an all-sides approach to understanding and problem solving.

Mindset #2

Think Like A Boss

Leadership, or a boss mindset, doesn’t require authority to develop.  Anyone can begin training themselves to think like a leader, regardless of their current job title or employment situation.  Thinking like a boss has a lot to do with taking ownership of your areas of responsibility and influence.  Many people fail at this because it is usually an easier path to just push extra work or problems that arise up the food chain, and let someone at a higher pay grade deal with the hard things.  Start today by looking at your work scope and asking how you can better own that space.

Mindset #3

Think Positively

Reality exists, and sometimes the glass really feels half empty.  An entrepreneur, though, chooses not to focus only on the negative aspects of a thing, but to look for opportunities within the negative to create a win for themselves and for those around them.  Purpose to not view daily challenges with frustration, but with anticipation of a positive outcome and an effective resolution.

Now that you have some mindsets in place that promote entrepreneurship, let’s talk about habits.  Generally speaking, habits are tasks or actions that we do almost without thinking, that become second nature to us and really shape who we become.  Here are two habits that seem to be common among countless entrepreneurs who have found their success in life.

Habit #1

Read & Journal

This habit is super important for aspiring entrepreneurs because it supports a lifestyle of learning and growth.  Reading can enlarge your knowledge base in areas like leadership or productivity, and can also be important in keeping you on the cutting edge of your industry.  Journaling then takes this a step further by allowing you to take the information from your reading and write down thoughts or ideas on how it can be applied specifically to your situation or vision.  Journaling also gives you a place to brainstorm ideas, create lists or goals, and even vent out frustrations in a positive way.

Habit #2

Rise Early & Prepare

This second habit can help you to mentally and physically be ready for whatever the day throws your way.  To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to face questions, challenges, and problems head on.  When you rise early and take time to prepare for your day, this is much easier than if you roll out of bed, with your day already feeling late and running behind.  Preparing may look different for each person, but whether you exercise, meditate, or simply catch up on your emails before the rest of the world starts calling, the important thing is to feel ready in body and in mind.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

- Aristotle

Now that we are on track for developing mindsets and creating habits that promote entrepreneurship, we have to step out with actions as well.  So last, but certainly not least is our action step.  

Action #1

Begin Investing

So many people spend their whole lives talking about changing their future, starting a business, and turning their passion into a career but never see it happen.  In order to move from an “all talk” stage to a place where you begin to see results, you have to start making regular investments into your dreams today.  This can be done by setting aside small amounts of money each month in preparation for the right entrepreneur opportunity to come along. 

The best part about this action step is that you don’t have to do it all on your own.  CleveDoesMore can help you find more money at the end of each month using an innovative tool we like to call the $500 Fix.  Your action step for right now can be as easy as scheduling a call & committing to a short consultation with CleveDoesMore so we can help you locate money you didn’t even know you had.

I hope the topics and ideas in this month’s Wealth Builder Newsletter have helped you grow and created excitement for the future!  Be sure to watch for next month’s newsletter where we will tackle the topic of developing discipline around saving!

Thanks for reading!

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