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Begin with the End in Mind

With the end of the year just around the corner, many people are already thinking about new year goals.  But, have you ever found yourself shrinking your goals to meet your present situation?  You begin to adjust your goals to fit with your bank account.  You re-evaluate your time set aside for vacation, making it shorter.  Then you justify these changes to yourself by saying you’re being more ‘realistic’.  The truth is, when you shrink your goals, you are actually just shrinking your vision of what’s possible for your life.


This brings me to this month’s riddle…(be sure to click and read to the very end for the answer!)

Your vision for the future cannot be confused with a small goal.  Small goals lives in your present reality and you know you can achieve them because you know your present reality.  A vision lives in your future, outside of what’s comfortable and what’s known to you. 

Let’s think about our vision for the future. Take just a moment to allow yourself to daydream.  Ask yourself: What will a perfect day in your life look like?  Here is an example:




“I see myself waking up in the morning.  My house is in the hills, overlooking the ocean.  I walk the short distance down to the beach, and take a stroll along the sand.  I take my time doing some yoga, then I walk the stairs back into my yard. I take in my vast patio that’s surrounded by luscious tropical flowers, the vibrant purples, pinks and oranges, and all the colours that come with the tropics.  I turn to my side and gaze at my outdoor kitchen, my outdoor dining room, my jacuzzi and outdoor shower. To my other side is a fire pit surrounded by lounge chairs. I walk through the double doors into my home and I see my open concept living room and kitchen area. I feel the breeze from the outside flowing in, my white curtains billowing…”

Every aspect and detail of the vision for my future is planned out.  I visit this place every day, and I know every inch of it. As you daydream and
sit in your vision, it is important to never ask yourself how it will be achieved.  Instead, just trust that it is where you are destined to be.

Use your vision as a reference point for goal setting.

Your goals are like stepping stones, moving you a little closer to your vision.  Every year, you will find yourself growing.  As your confidence grows your goals will get a little bigger and a little bolder. Is it guaranteed that you will hit your target 100% of the time? Absolutely not. However, setting continuous goals will ensure that you are in a state of constant growth. You will be moving and changing. You might not hit your exact goal, but I believe you will end up somewhere equally spectacular.

What you focus on, you find.
What you focus on, you become.

Don’t set your goals based on where you are or who you are today.  Instead, set goals based on where you want to go and who you desire to become.  Set your goals while looking ahead to the future. Set big goals worthy of your life!  Goals that help you become someone you don’t yet know.  You will eventually transform into the person that is living inside of you, one goal at a time.  Believe that there is no idea or vision you can think of that is not attainable. All you have to do is believe it, focus on it, reverse engineer it, trust, and then allow yourself to surrender to the process.

Set 100 yearly goals and see where it takes you…

Each year, I set 100 goals.  Each goal I set represents one step towards the future I’m designing for my life.  Over the past 12 years I’ve taken over 1,000 steps towards my vision!  Don’t get caught up in where you are at this moment.  Who and where you are right now does not determine your future.  Where you are now is only your starting point.  It doesn’t have to be where you end. Focus on the future.  Cast a vision worthy of your life.  

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