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Don’t just PAY taxes: PLAN your taxes and save $$$

Save with Tax Planning vs Tax Filing

Save with Tax Planning vs Tax Filing

We know how taxes work. Or do we? For most of us, tax season is a high-stress period, one where we feel like the government holds all the cards, and whatever refunds or additional fees we receive are completely out of our hands. That might be the case if all you’re doing is the traditional tax filing– which is really just REACTING to the demands and expectations of tax season.

But what if there were a better, PROACTIVE way?

There is. CleveDoesMore does more to help you find, keep and make more of your own money and one of our easiest methods is Tax Planning.

Did you know that ultimately over half your earnings are earmarked for the government through your taxes, especially income taxes? You technically don’t get to keep any of your own money until the second half of the year. That’s why we celebrate Tax Freedom Day- the day that you’ve earned enough to cover your taxes and can now focus the rest of what you earn on covering your living expenses and any other financial goals. But understanding how taxes work is the first step to understanding how to make them work FOR YOU.

Generally speaking, your taxes are deducted from your pay before you even see a dollar of your salary to protect the government’s interest, ensuring that they don’t have to track it all down later. But even though they are deducted at source, those calculations are made using a rough set of guidelines. During tax filing season, you scramble to collect and submit the relevant data for the government to verify how accurate their rough calculations were. If you overpaid, you get a refund. Underpay, and an additional tax bill will find its way to you- and you do NOT want to get caught by a tax bill you can’t pay!

CleveDoesMore knows how to create custom Tax Planning strategies that work for YOU, helping you to figure out in advance how much you should be paying in taxes, and taking the fear, stress and guesswork out of the whole thing.

Our Tax Planning methods include simulating income and tax credit scenarios specific to YOU, so that we can help calculate your tax obligation, and define your personal pathway to managing your money, paying the minimum tax possible and doing so at exactly the right time.

Because Tax Planning is not only addressing the question “how much?” but also “when?”

Having the advantage of a holistic overview of your tax year allows you to maximize the benefit of certain tax reduction options, keeping more of your own money in real time, rather than getting it back later, and losing potential investment time.

Break free from the stress of Tax Filing season. Take control with CleveDoesMore. Tax Planning is just the start of a beautiful new relationship with your own financial success.

Maximize your money the CleveDoesMore way. Need more encouragement? Take a look at how our tax planning can change your financial outlook:

When you go with Tax Planning, you:

  • Save on your taxes– Calculate your taxes with a sharper, customized insight that allows you to pay as little as possible while keeping more than you dreamed.
  • Invest the extra money– CleveDoesMore knows that calculating exactly how much you can invest upfront in TFSA, RRSP or your business is key to ensuring that your money makes you MORE money, instead of sitting idly in CRA account.
  • Gain Power from Knowledge– Say goodbye to Tax Season stress. CleveDoesMore knows that when you know exactly what you owe, and exactly how to plan for it, you’re cool, calm and confident all year long.
  • Navigate your options ­– Having access to your own personalized “Big Picture” tax outlook gives you the information and resources needed to maximize more opportunities much sooner, with much more confidence
  • Have Peace of mindOur Tax Planning options are carefully calculated to remove all the guesswork and stress-work. Head into Tax Season with all the preparation you need, and none of the anxiety.
  • Score a proactive approach– Our Tax Planning strategies take your entire year, and your overall Financial Success into consideration. We help you plan ahead all year long to avoid any surprises or last-minute drama at tax time, and to maximize opportunities all along the way.
  • Get a head-start – The earlier you start the stronger you finish. Our Tax Planning options work at any time in the year but starting early means capitalizing on any tax reduction or deferral strategies, while maximizing the length of time your money works in an investment or tax-incentivised account.
  • Gain advance knowledge of changes­- CleveDoesMore breaks down all the heavy Tax Code into easy-to-read versions for our clients. That matters because tax laws change and so do provincial or national budgets. Tax Planning with us guarantees that you stay up to date on any changes, and what that means for you in real time, avoiding that last-minute crush.
  • Avoid owing the government money – We calculate your tax projections carefully using various metrics to protect you from underestimating your obligation or underpreparing to pay. Yes, we like to save you money and recommend maximizing your tax dollars before paying out at year end, but never at the risk of owing the government. Avoid the threat of liens, salary garnishing or similar consequences. Choose us.
  • A clear roadmap –Your journey is unique, and we build YOUR 360 Financial Blueprint to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Our tax planning process includes collecting data, analysis and tax scenario simulations, plus a written plan of action to follow. We set your targets, plan your way and then execute it, side by side the entire way.
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Cleve Desouza

Cleve DeSouza has managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, but he counts his investment in his clients’ goals and dreams as his smartest ventures.

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