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November is the season of goal setting

Did you know that what you focus on as 2020 ends is what you’ll achieve in 2021? That makes November the season of goal setting and dream building. 

Due to the pandemic and related economic difficulties, this dreaming season has quickly become one of the most important ever. For the last few months, you’ve had more time at home with family. You probably also gave more thought to
what you want from life.

Now is the time to turn those thoughts into dreams!

Dreams can inspire big changes, such as saving money and working hard to reach your biggest goals. A traditional Buddhist adage says it like this…

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.

At CleveDoesMore, we talk to people every day about paying down debt. But if we focus every conversation on the debt itself, we only attract more debt. Instead, we focus on helping people imagine a future in which they build wealth and acquire assets. When we become people with wealth and assets, paying off debt is inevitable. We help people find the path to becoming their best selves.

Meet Darius

Like so many other Canadians, Darius struggled under the weight of massive debt. It felt crippling at times and overcoming it seemed like an impossibility. One November morning, just a few years ago, Darius decided to set up a consultation with CleveDoesMore. He didn’t really know if anyone could help his situation, but decided to give it a try.

One of the first things that Darius received during the call that day was hope. Instead of more negativity about his dire debt situation, he was given assurances that there was a path out of debt and that
his future could be bright and financially victorious.

Fast forward to today, and the progress Darius has made is truly staggering. The mountain of debt that stood before him is now just a small hill. His dread of a new year has transformed into excitement for a new season. He is well on his way to reaching several of the goals established in his
360 Degree Financial Blueprint™ and he is confident that 2021 will be his best year yet.

This month, as 2020 winds down, think about what you want out of life. Now is the time to think about big goals. Do you want to retire at age 55? Is owning your own business what is important to you? Do you want to achieve financial independence?

As you dream, keep asking yourself why you want these things.

If you can’t articulate the why, you may not be dreaming the right dream. Many people say they want to retire early. It’s a common goal. But if you can’t say what you’ll do with the extra time, then maybe early retirement isn’t the right dream for you. The same goes for any goal. Spell out your why and you’ll discover what really matters to you.

Another question to consider – is your dream big enough?

Achieving a dream demands sacrifice. If the dream isn’t big enough, you’ll find it hard to make the necessary sacrifices. Just climbing out of debt isn’t enough for most people. We need to have a vision of the reward for doing the hard work of paying off debt.

“Only make moves when your heart’s in it”

One question to avoid right now is how you’ll finance your dream. As Darius was able to learn, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Big dreams are never a mistake. The only mistake is downsizing your dreams to fit your paycheck. 

Most Canadians rely solely on a job (or two) for income. But that’s not the only way to earn money. Wealthy people don’t focus on paychecks. Instead, wealthy people build their assets. For example,
investing money in a savings account earns you .05% interest. Compare that to a 5-year Government Issued Certificate (GIC), which can pay as much as 1.8% interest. If you’re willing to accept more risk, your potential return on investment also increases.

So instead of looking at what you have right now, set goals to build your wealth to make your dreams real. Once you know what you want,
talk to CleveDoesMore to find your path.

A great place to start is with the
$500 Fix Program which actually locates money you didn’t even know you had! It is backed by a complete guarantee, so there is no risk to give it a try.

In closing, don’t let another year pass you by without taking back your dreams, your finances, and your future. I remind you again that big dreams are never a mistake.

Cleve Desouza

Cleve Desouza

Cleve DeSouza has managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, but he counts his investment in his clients’ goals and dreams as his smartest ventures.

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